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David's Refuge

24hr. Brand Bash Recap (2018)

In 2018, ABC selected David’s Refuge as the recipient of a free rebranding.

Parenting can be a difficult journey under any circumstances, but it’s especially challenging for those who provide full-time care to children with special needs.

These parents rest, reflect and renew with David’s Refuge, where respite reminds them that they are not alone, the care they give matters and they are loved. Complimentary weekend retreats empower couples with self-care skills that build stronger relationships, families and communities.

Volunteer hosts bring these parents closer to the caregiver community, sharing a common bond and offering critical support. The experience continues with ongoing guidance and special events that engage families and the public.

The David’s Refuge brand embodies these values visually with a soft color palette that communicates calming. The “D” encircles the “R”, showing David’s Refuge is a safe space that cares for the caregivers. It also represents the ideals central to the messaging that invites parents of special needs children to rest, reflect and renew through respite.

Watch the creative magic and madness unfold in this recap video

Check out this promotional video we created as part of David’s Refuge rebranding